So who am I?

My name is Daniel Crispin, welcome to our website.

I am the owner and operator of Montreal Car Detailing, a company I founded in 2013.  Before that I have managed computer stores and done a lot of customer service jobs.  But since my true passion is cars, I had to find a way to work with cars, and detailing is something that feels really natural for me.  A lot of my free time is spent learning about all aspects of car care, and applying that knowledge to the vehicles I work on is really gratifying.

This company was created to help car owners with top level detailing service.  Our typical clients either have a nice luxury car or a car that really needs a lot of help.  Some of our clients are people who are in the process of changing vehicle and want to make their car sellable and/or want their new vehicle to be well protected for the coming years.

I pride myself on being very flexible in addressing the needs of every client.  No two people have the same needs or wants, and as such I find it very important to be able to adjust my service to make you happy with the results.  For me, a new vehicle to take care of feels like adding a new member to the family.  I hope to offer the best services possible but also to educate my clients on how to avoid damaging their vehicle and how to protect it correctly.  Those two things go hand in hand and knowledge is a powerful tool.

By doing business with Montreal Car Detailing, I hope we can build a long time relation.  Wo do have clients that only need a single detail, but our true goal is to become your partner to get your vehicle the best protection possible be it on yearly visit or on a maintenance plan.  No matter what your preference is, we can offer you a personalised plan that will suit your needs.

So what are my areas of expertise?  First off, I am an expert at cleaning vehicles in a way to will not damage them.  This might sound strange but 95% of services available to clean your car will do some kind of damage to them.  The worst being the automatic car washes with any kind of brush, this is the equivalent of washing the car with sand paper.  Even hand wash car washes will damage your paint because they do not take the time to wash correctly.  They are all about speed and that means dirty water is used alongside dirty wash mitts and dirty drying clothes.  The result is always swirls in your paint and over time your paint will become dull.  So washing the car correctly is the basis of good car care and I take it very seriously.

Second, I can correct most of the damage on a car.  I can make dull paint shiny again, I can make your faded yellow headlights like new, I can restore mouldings back their original appearance,  make oxidized chrome and aluminum look like new, and the same applied to interior of the car being leather, plastic, carpet or fabric.

Finally, we use the best products on the market to protect the vehicle.  We have protective products for your paint, glass, fabric, plastic, leather, you name it and we have it.  This to me is the most important aspect because vehicles are exposed in horrible  climate here in Montreal, and without protection damage will soon start to affect your vehicle.  Just look around at all those rusted cars out there, just like our roads, metal panels have a really hard time dealing with constant temperature changes, water and snow, and chemical products exposure (like salt and calcium).  These things are no so good for the interior of the car either, ever tried cleaning a salt stain in your carpet?  So this is why we offer a full range of protective products!

So what can you expect if you decide to team up with me to take care of your vehicle?  First, I want to say I am not the cheapest detailer in Montreal.  If you are looking for rock bottom prices, I am not the detailer for you.  I take the needed time to do the job correctly, and that means my prices can be higher than those detailers who cut corners.  If some aspect of the detailing process have no value to you, we can adjust the packages and reduce price this way.  Otherwise, you will find that I am very meticulous about every aspect of the cleaning, repairing and protecting processes.  My goal is to give you a vehicle in as good a condition as it can be without replacing parts or repainting it.  Are there things I cannot correct or repair?  Yes, and when we do the initial inspection, these will be pointed out to you if any are present.  I am very honest and upfront, feel you should know what can and what cannot be done before I even start the work.

So now the question is, what can I do to help you?  If you have not had a look at our services yet, I suggest you start with the packages page.  Appointments can be done at your house or work place, or somewhere else if you want. 

Also, I suggest you like our  facebook  page so you can be informed of news about our services and we also plan on posting tips and tricks regarding car care in the future. 


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